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Our Story

    Three years ago, I opened a small shop in our local antique mall after years of dreaming of owning our own home decor market. Hidden Possibilities was established in 2018 and since then, we have grown so much as a business. I owe a lot of our success to the great support, love, and encouragement I have received from my friends, family and followers. Over the past three years, I have filled a need in my community for a place to find vintage and one-of-a-kind items as well as aesthetically pleasing decor. Since launching my shop, I have traveled the Midwest looking for items to add to my collection. I have restored furniture, created handmade gifts, and opened pop-up shops at several vendor markets. Recently, I’ve decided that my followers and I would benefit from an online website to purchase home decor items from my collection. Opening this e-commerce shop, gives us more flexibility and the ability to reach people outside my small community. I have big aspirations for providing inspiration to new homeowners and individuals looking to refresh their home decor. I have a passion for finding unique items that have "hidden possibilities" when styled in your home.

About Us

    In this latest chapter of my life, my husband and I are empty-nesters after our twin daughters moved out. With all this new time, I have decided to start what I wish my younger self would have done years ago. Now is a better time than ever and I still have goals, dreams, and challenges that I am ready to conquer. I am on a journey to achieve a more fulfilling and rewarding life for many more years to come. I’ve had dreams for a long time of running my own home decor market and providing my friends, family, and community inspiration for styling their homes. I have always been creative, had an eye for design, and have been drawn to items that are vintage and reminiscent of simpler times. Over the years, I have developed my own design style through experience of decorating my own houses, helping my family and friends style theirs, and traveling around the Midwest to vendor markets and antique malls. My passion at this time of my life is to be an influencer for unique home decor and inspire others to see the hidden possibilities in your home's decor. 

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